imageWhy do people keep suing Megadaddy Bishop Eddie Long? The humble preacher just wants to keep driving his sleek black Bentley, hang out at the gym he owns, and cruise young, attractive men to do his dirty manly things to.

Yet the lawsuits, depositions and criminal cases he’s connected to just keep happening. You’d think all that cash his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church doled out to settle the sexual shenanigan claims against him from five young men would be enough. It wasn’t.

This week, Long and two partners reached a $2 million settlement over a bank loan they used in 2007 to buy the Hoops & Fitness gym in Jonesboro. You know, the kind of place lean and toned young men play basketball, get sweaty working their muscles and otherwise do homoerotic things that Long can watch at will. He’s the owner, after all.

Coincidence that Long owns a gym that is home to the same type of men that accused him of lavishing with gifts to get to their goods? Maybe, maybe not.

What’s not surprising, though, is that Long settled the lawsuit and once again avoided being carted into court and face the risk of testifying in a trial. Long did the same in lobbying the DeKalb District Attorney to drop charges against a former security guard who helped one of Long’s accusers break into the church to swipe jewelry and electronics totaling about $100,000 from Long’s office.

Wait, what? Who keeps that kind of stash in their office? Oh, yeah. The same preacher who drives a Bentley and snaps pics of himself sporting a muscle shirt in the bathroom.

But back to Long’s Trial Avoidance Disorder.

Long moved to have the charges dismissed after learning he would be called to testify, Fife said.

If Long takes the stand in a trial, it’s not difficult to imagine that attorneys would line up at the courthouse to pepper him with questions about his same-sex sexual shenanigans. Or how he likes to spot the guys at his gym.

For now, it’s back to the Bentley and the gym for Long. Maybe he’ll give his Wildchild, Centino Kemp, a ride. That budding gay singer likes to ride in style, too. And like Long, flee the media when cornered on the street.