A fierce battle raged between the four finalists who survived multiple challenges in a tough drag-limination process. But Jungle declared its Dragnificent champion on Wednesday after a showdown.

Evah Destruction, Peyton Elizabeth, Aliya Sexton and Princess Vanessa battled it out for $1,000 in cash and prizes. Channeling Lady Gaga (top photo) and Lucy Ricardo, Evah Destruction was the hands-down victor just as she was throughout many of the competition’s other challenges.

But while Evah got the title and Princess Vanessa was first runner up, every finalist was on point. They couldn’t have gotten this far if they weren’t. That’s how they survived duets, genderfuck, and an anything goes debut, among other challenges over the weeks as the contestants fell one by one.

Wednesday’s finale also included show mastermind Phoenix, of course, plus special guest judges Alexandria Martin (yes, that much-missed one) and Savannah Leigh (yes, that epic one). Both guest judges performed as well.

Photos by Eric Huminski