Gay CNN anchor Don Lemon played paparazzi for Thomas Roberts’ gay wedding on Saturday, tweeting photos and well wishes and leaving his fans wondering when the Atlanta guy is going to get hitched to his own boyfriend.

Roberts is the easy-on-the-eyes MSNBC host who came out in 2006 before doing so was cool among new anchors including Lemon and Anderson Cooper. The former Atlanta CNN staffer also got snagged in a bit of a flap when his Manhunt pics went public a year later.

But there he was on Saturday marrying Patrick Abner, his partner of 12 years, in a rooftop ceremony officiated by California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. Among the A-list crowd was Lemon, snapping away on his smartphone and providing tweet-by-tweet commentary. (View more wedding photos here and here.)

But the Roberts’ nuptials beg this question: What about you Don Lemon? The Virginia-Highland living newsman and lust object is hitched and has talked about adopting kids with his partner Ben Tinker. Time to get over your whole marriage dilemma. Well, after you stop giggling about vibrators.

Photos via @DonLemonCNN