Dominic Pacifico has a body built for gay porn. He's got an ear well tuned for the DJ booth. Mix them together and you've got DJ Pornstar, who will sex up Atlanta on Friday.

Get ready to throb all night long.

It's his first stop in Atlanta and he arrives to add a sexy, porn twist to a night already full of fetish at the Eagle. The leather bar knows a few things about getting kinky. But they are partnering with Fort Troff, the Atlanta-based supplier of all things sex toys, and Instigator, the kink magazine celebrating its 10th anniversary, to amp it up on Friday.

So we chatted with DJ Pornstar ahead of the event about his music, his porn and how he nailed that cover shoot for Instigator.

What came first – the DJ work or the adult film work?

That's a really good question. They came hand and hand. I've been doing both since 1998, but I didn’t become known until 2005 for both once I started to take the work seriously. I worked hard on my body and appearance for the adult work. I started going to the gym, and taking good care of my skin, and got rid of the punk rock mod look that most of the guys had in San Francisco and went for a sexy clean cut look. As for the DJ work, I ran with a sexier look and a deeper darker club sound. Thus, DJ Pornstar was born. 

You're currently active in both, right? So how do you transition from one to the other?

I’ve now been going by DJ Pornstar (Dominic Pacifico) for over a decade now, and actually DJ and do adult work since 1998. I DJ on the weekends mostly and keep my adult work to the weekday.

Have you been to Atlanta before? What's it like to come back?

I'm really excited to say this is my first time there. I've always wanted to go, and I'm looking forward to seeing the sites.

What should fans expect from your DJ set on Friday?

I DJ half nude, and play up beat tribal house. I keep high energy all night with a dark pop vocal twist. This DJ set you can expect and opening show with an erotic twist. 

But this is an event with Fort Troff. Can we expect things to get a little porn sexy on Friday?

With attire provided by Fort Troff, it's going to be extremely erotic and more than sexy, it will be sexual. I didn’t get my name DJ Pornstar for nothing.

You're on the cover of the Instigator's 10th anniversary issue. How did that come about?

I was chosen by the owner of Instigator and director of Bound Jocks from Colt Studios. I'm very grateful. 

On the cover, you're bound, gagged and on a toilet? Where did the inspiration for that come from?

The director from Bound Jocks came up with this concept. I have to say it was genius.

What is your favorite song, or artist, to play at the moment?

Right now, I love Sia - Chandelier. I'm actually wrapping up a remix I will play in Atlanta this weekend. 

After Atlanta, what's next for you?​

From Atlanta, I go back on the road. The month of August, I'll be in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dallas, EL Paso and Oakland.

Enjoy DJ Pornstar (Dominic Pacifico) during Warfare: Instigator + Fort Troff Nite at the Eagle on Friday. Check out his beats on SoundCloud, visit his website and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.