DJ Vicki Powell introduces ‘Meat,’ beats and manifestos in Q mag

Queers of a certain age and ilk may remember the band Meat Beat Manifesto, and may be tempted to put it back in heavy listening rotation. Shades of their electronic sounds are back in the fore of what’s happening in the queer underground music scene, and two events this week are right in line with what Meat Beat represented to alternaqueers of yore.

First up, the Queercore showcase of local acts is set for The Earl, and our previewer thinks of the show as an extension of Atlanta’s lost and loved MondoHomo festival. We turn right around from there with a set of London queers bringing their own beats and “Meat” to Atlanta. In our cover story, DJ Vicki Powell’s Deep South continues its reign of the coolest, most inclusive gigs in town by welcoming the UK's Horse Meat Disco to Heretic this weekend. We have the inside scoop.

Speaking of beating your meat, some gay men treating each other like cold cuts is nothing new, but there’s one conversation about it that only half of us have been having. Q’s frank Conversations feature cuts into the harmful fetishization of black men as little more than “BBCs.” Two gay male fixtures in LGBTQ Atlanta, one black and one white, lay open sexual racism – or as you may know it better, just racism – and the damage it does to the integrity of the whole community.

Now there’s a manifesto worth hearing alongside this edition’s meats and beats.

As always, there’s lots more on our pages and on our Project Q Atlanta homesite. In the relationships department, an expert sets some polyamory boundaries, the Q advice column tackles three very different queer breakups, and 10 Queer Things reveals the answers Atlanta queers gave for sure signs that a relationship is headed south.

Those eye-popping revelations are equaled in this week's photo feature. That's where we look at the fashionable trend toward faux and vintage fur and decidedly queer ways to rock the looks, no matter which age and ilk of queer you are.

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Cover photo by Nark courtesy Vicki Powell.

A version of this article originally appeared in Q magazine. Read the full issue below: