The only gay buzz to even compare to the new-season buildup for “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is the clucking from fans about which rumors in the mill are true, and which ones fell flat, especially in casting.

This season’s shuffle of characters may have been the most talked about due to the departure of original “Housewife” NeNe Leakes. LGBT fans clamored to reports that Kim “Tootie” “Regine” Fields as well as transgender model Amiyah Scott would join the shenanigans.

Turns out, those rumors were half right. Fields is officially confirmed to be part of the story when the show returns on Nov. 8. The “Facts of Life” and “Living Single” actress lives in Marietta.

Sadly for LGBT fans, TMZ and Variety were wrong when it reported that the drop-dead beautiful Scott and her gay bestie Kellon Deryck would join Fields and the rest of the ladies. The gossip girls over at StraightFromTheA were the first to say it was bunk.

While it’s true that producers have been scrambling to find exciting story lines, sadly, Amiyah won’t be holding a peach.

If you’ve been a fan of the show for a while, you know that seeds are planted so to create a buzz and Amiyah is this year’s ‘seed’.

It’s true that Amiyah filmed the other night along with the ‘real’ cast members during the Bronner Brother’s hair show and she may be in an episode or two, but Scott is not a full fledged cast member.

As I stated in previous posts, Marlo Hampton and Cynthia Bailey’s sister Mallory are this year’s ‘friends’ of the show. Claudia got the boot, Sheree returns with a peach, Porsha is fighting to get her peach back.

Oh well. We may miss Deryck just a little bit more – he’s stacked and packed. Like, for real, though. And of course, fans will still be watching to see whoever and however it shakes out. The show has a tendency to win over gay hearts like Nene did so effortlessly, or as the show’s parade of queens continues to do so well.

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