imageAnne Fauver represents the district Mary Norwood might just need to put her in the mayor’s office. And it appears the lesbian city council member is letting it be known who she supports in the Dec. 1 runoff.

Fauver, a two-term backbencher like Norwood, is stepping down, a decision not to seek a third term that led to a scramble among six people to replace her. Two—Alex Wan and Liz Coyle—face one another in a runoff Tuesday.

But Fauver offered this backdoor endorsement of Norwood to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“She does her homework, and she knows what she is talking about,” said council member Anne Fauver. “I think Mary will do a good job cleaning up things in the city.”

Fauver represents District 6, the area largely in Midtown packed with LGBT residents that is a battleground as Norwood and Kasim Reed fight for gay votes. It’s a hot spot for politics and with residents likely to turn out in larger numbers over the Wan-Coyle race, that could be a boost to the mayor’s race. Some pundits say as District 6 goes, so goes the mayor’s race.

But it’s questionable how much sway Fauver has with voters in her district.

She’s kept a low profile on gay issues during her two terms, despite being the sole openly gay member of the 15-person City Council. And on the one issue that could provide a boost for Norwood—Fauver’s 2006 proposal to expand the city’s domestic partner ordinance by allowing gay city workers to make their partners pension beneficiaries—the mayoral candidate took a walk and didn’t cast a vote. Fauver did the same.