imageDavid magazine takes full advantage of the busy MLK weekend and upcoming presidential inauguration with its new issue this week.

Among the interesting pieces inside is one by Mike Fleming, the magazine’s former editor and my best friend. “Together we can” takes all of the chatter these days about change and turns it into a challenge by asking what you’re doing to create positive change not only in your life, but in those of others.

Have you done any real introspection lately? What steps can you take, not just in the New Year as some resolution you’ll break, but to find permanent solutions to long-term issues you drag around? You need to be the best you can be if we’re going to pull this off.

And speaking of you, it’s not all about you. Another funny thing about “we” is that one of the best ways to help ourselves is to help each other. That’s something I don’t think enough of us incorporate into our lives, and it’s crucial to realizing the dreams of America’s new era.

Mike’s essay comes with a bit of irony. After the issue was completed, but before it hit the streets (and web) on Wednesday, the powers that be at Window Media, the publication’s parent company, downsized him right out of his roles with the magazine and Southern Voice after nearly 11 years with the company. Working for Window Media is how Mike and I met in April 1998 in the company’s now-defunct Houston office. It was the start of a deep and lasting friendship that outlived our professional relationship when I left Southern Voice in 2006.

So Mike’s musings this week take on a personal tone for both him and me and, in hindsight, seem a little prophetic. Take a look. It’s a good read.