There’s nothing quite like dancing with fat men, skid marks and zomby-looking gay dudes.

That’s the impression of the Eagle’s dance floor by at least one Atlantan, who provided quite the visual when he answered this question for Creative Loafing’s Streetalk: What’s the best place to dance for people who can’t?

Tuck: Atlanta Eagle on Wednesday. It’s the only straight rock ‘n’ roll dance party at a gay club. Good-looking girls, bad-ass boys, fat men with skid marks on their underwear with nothing else on, and rock ‘n’ roll. You got young hipster girls that are just all fucked up as hell and don’t know how to dance. They’re white as hell, you know what I mean? They look like a bunch of broomsticks held together with duct tape. The gay dudes look like zombies, gangly-ass bitches moving like the guy in The Wizard of Oz who can’t walk and shit. This thing is hoppin’!

The Eagle, by the way, nearly got entangled in the foreclosure fire sale of their landlord. But don’t worry, as the leather bar on Ponce isn’t going to lose its longtime home, according to Southern Voice.

Richard Ramey, the owner of the Eagle for the past 13 years, [said] that he has a new landlord and the Eagle’s future is secure.

“Our intention is to stay where we are. We have no intention to move, and no one is asking us to move,” Ramey said.

Ramey and his business partners will meet with the new landlords on June 26 to discuss options for another five-year lease and the owner’s plans for the property. He said the new landlords were happy to have the Eagle, but did say the corner is up for sale at $1.6 million.

“Right now in this economy I don’t believe the Eagle has any possibility of going anywhere,” he said.

Ramey said the property never reached the foreclosure auction, and his bar is primed to continue into the future.

“Nothing is going to change for the Atlanta Eagle,” he said.