imageIt’s always fun to peek inside the home of folks who know how to decorate. That’s what HGTV is all about, right?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution took a look inside the Morningside home of designer Chip Cheatham and realtor Ken Covers, who created an escape within their 3,500-square-foot through a fusion of Asian design and natural materials.

A sense of restfulness washes through the couple’s Morningside home, starting with the neutral color scheme and clean design and flourishing in thoughtful details like the pitter-patter of a backyard waterfall and the mix of natural materials and soothing background music that suggests it’s time to exhale.

Among the best examples of the 3,500-square-foot home’s ethos is its kitchen.

Here, Cheatham, president and creative director of PierceMartin, created a highly functional cooking and entertaining area that makes the most of the environs.

The home features a neutral palette with splashes of color. The home is sprinkled with “cool features,” too.

Among many, the front door. Stainless steel and embossed with raised dots, it was the couple’s Christmas gift to each other.

“I had enough sweaters,” Cheatham jokes.

Also, the entire master suite.

Preceding the area is a tranquil nook that seems like a spa waiting room. Past a terra-cotta Buddha head and through Chinese latticework screens lies a cradle of pampered bliss. More specifically, the travertine floors can be heated.

View a photo album of the Cheatham-Covers home.