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Franklin (finally) comments on Atlanta Eagle raid

Mayor Shirley Franklin has been so "Tardy for the Party" in the wake of the Atlanta Police Department's Sept. 10 raid on the Eagle that a reporter had to stalk her in Home Depot to get a comment.    READ MORE »

Monday: 15 gay things to do today

Monday's gay as a Lady Gaga song: Show your 'Poker Face,' best-seller for 'Money Honey,' stars mug for the 'Paparazzi' and on the edge for 'Boys Boys Boys.' 'Eh Eh Nothing Else We Can Say.'    READ MORE »

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District 6: Ethics complaint, lawsuit threat, oh my

The District 6 race for the Atlanta City Council—already a hodgepodge of six candidates gay and straight—is heating up. There's an ethics complaint, campaign sniping and threats of a lawsuit.    READ MORE »

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Rain or shine, the Eagle rallies continue

If you need a better understanding of just how pissed people are about the Atlanta Police Department's Sept. 10 raid of the Eagle, you need look no further than the steps of City Hall.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 13 gay things to do today

Make a rainy Sunday not so blue and oh so gay. Day two of Rosh Hashanah, two events with your Papi, the Armorettes (photo) say goodbye to Burkhart's, and bars extend your weekend.    READ MORE »

Freedom Bands looks to build roster for Pride

The Atlanta Freedom Bands opens its 16th marching band season on Sunday hoping to add new musicians in advance of the Atlanta Pride Festival.    READ MORE »

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Simone Bell makes state House race official

Lesbian and longtime community activist Simone Bell officially launched her campaign for the state House earlier this week in the heart of the district she hopes to soon represent.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 31 gay things to do today

It's a big Saturday in gay Atlanta. The second protest against the Eagle raid, the Cotillion Ball, Kyle Keyser's House Party, and Superstars of Drag are just the tip of the iceberg.    READ MORE »

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Blow by blow: 48 hours to Keyser’s mayoral bid

How exactly did Kyle Keyser, the only gay man in the mayoral race, get the money to go from grassroots crime-fighting activist to full-fledged candidate in just two days?    READ MORE »

Gay funnyman cracks wise on ‘12 Inch Freak’

Studly gay funnyman Greg Scarnaci (photo) gives us 12 inches of fun right in the spot where we want it – our funnybone. The cult-video phenom's first album confirms it: he's "the gay Weird Al Yankovic."    READ MORE »

Friday: 17 gay things to do today

Thank Gay It's Friday. Whatever your pleasure, start the weekend off right with happy hours, an art opening, soccer boys (photo) bartending, themed bar nights, and so many more events to choose.    READ MORE »

Eagle: Anatomy of a southern-style sex panic

What happens when police think sex poses a greater threat than home invasions? Welcome to a southern-style sex panic—all so police could arrest eight men for dancing in their underwear.    READ MORE »

Out on Film adds ‘Eating Out’ peeps to guest list

The growing guest list for Atlanta's LGBT film festival Oct. 2-8 now includes the director and lead actress at the screening of the third movie in the "Eating Out" series.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 21 gay things to do today

Thursday is gayer than you -- almost. Events include Cliterati, Hal Sparks, Angela 'Bucky' Motter (photo), Hydrate and Lounge Thursdays, and more bar nights to shake your stick at.    READ MORE »

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Anne Fauver can’t be bothered with Eagle raid

About 20 gay folks crashed the Atlanta City Council's Public Safety Committee meeting Tuesday to amplify the growing chorus of criticism over the police department's Sept. 10 raid of the Eagle.    READ MORE »

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11 ATL companies get perfect score on equality

Six Atlanta-based Fortune 500 companies were among 11 in the region that scored a perfect 100 on a ranking of how companies and law firms address LGBT workplace policies and benefits.    READ MORE »

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Caesar Mitchell gets endorsement from gay GOP

Ceasar Mitchell picked up the endorsement of the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans, the second gay group to back his City Council president bid this week.    READ MORE »

Hal Sparks visits Atlanta, benefits Pride

'Queer as Folk' actor returns to his first love -- standup comedy -- with a decidedly queer take on marriage and Republicans for four nights this week that benefit Atlanta Pride.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 12 gay things to do today

Make your Tuesday a little more gay. Discuss bareback porn, dip into the Honey Pot, meet the Fantasy Girls, sing or cheer for Karaoke Idol, or check our whole calendar of other choices.    READ MORE »

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Police documents detail sex allegations at Eagle

The Atlanta Police Department sent undercover vice officers into the Eagle at least two times before a Sept. 10 raid, reportedly witnessing sexual acts and dancers exposing themselves.    READ MORE »