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‘Carnevale’ masks partiers but exposes its cause

The Jerusalem House Halloween Bash on Friday may be gay Atlanta’s best annual costume party, but it also raises awareness for one of the city’s most loved AIDS housing programs.    READ MORE »

Stonewall Dems toast their endorsed candidates

Tis the season for political endorsements, and Atlanta Stonewall Democrats celebrated theirs on Wednesday with candidates aplenty during an event in Midtown.    READ MORE »

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Eagle supporters take third protest to Midtown

Just a handful of people took part in an underwear protest on Wednesday in Midtown, the third rally in the wake of the Atlanta Police Department's raid of the Eagle six weeks ago.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 21 gay things to do today

A tradition as old as the 40-hour work week itself: start the weekend on Thursday night. Click your picks from these options for the detailed scoop, or click to view our full list at the end.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 15 gay things to do today

More than a dozen get togethers make your Wednesday oh-so gay. Click your faves for details on an Underwear protest, Pride lead-up events, a candidate mixer, “Glee” watch parties, and more.    READ MORE »

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Bare your briefs for another Eagle rally

Let's get ready to rally. The angst and anger over the Atlanta Police Department's raid at the Eagle six weeks ago continues to simmer. So slip on your underwear for a protest Wednesday.    READ MORE »

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The poignant speeches of the AIDS Walk [video]

Before some 8,000 people joined Sunday's AIDS Walk, several people–including U.S. Rep. John Lewis and spokespeople Robby Astrove and Danielle Arellano–spoke to the crowd. Watch the videos.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 18 gay things to do today

With so much to make Tuesday gayer, use our top picks to narrow the field. Big Gay Supper Club, Miss Gay Cobb County and heartthrob Jay Brannan are just a few of our gay-vorite things.    READ MORE »

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City Council gives final OK to Pride bar hours

As promised on Oct. 5 when the Atlanta City Council introduced a one-night extension of bar hours for Pride Weekend, a unanimous council voted Monday to approve the measure.    READ MORE »

‘Ides of Pride’ exposes new Sexual Side Effects

Beer, munchies, apple-bobbing and rock and roll. Despite cooler-than-expected weather, those were the keystones that made the Ides of Pride concert and benefit so fun on Saturday.    READ MORE »

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Thousands take part in AIDS Walk Atlanta

With poignant and powerful speeches, thousands of people were motivated to walk nearly three miles through Midtown on Sunday for the 19th Annual AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run.    READ MORE »

Monday: 15 gay things to do today

Yes, it’s Monday. Get over it with these events that give you something to look forward to. Politics, arts, movies, games, gatherings and drag. Pick your favorites, and click for details.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 15 gay things to do today

Easy like Sunday morning. It’s an attitude we want to last the whole day. Slow it down, choose your method of relaxation or recreation, and click on your favorite options for the details.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 28 gay things to do today

Saturday kicks the gay into high gear. Political candidates, treehuggers, an alternaqueer rock show, the L5P Halloween Parade, a DJ double-header, a dirty dozen of bar events, and so much more.    READ MORE »

Trees Atlanta hopes to draw some gay huggers

Trees Atlanta, which has put more than 75,000 trees in the ground across metro Atlanta, appeals to an important constituency: tree huggers. But Danny Roberts (photo) wants to change that.    READ MORE »

‘Don’t Label’ the bands at Ides of Pride

"Don't Label It!" continues to bring diverse people together, this time for Saturday afternoon’s Ides of Pride outdoor concert to rock a pre-festival celebration that benefits girls who wanna rock.    READ MORE »

Condoms get a little less irritating at AIDS Walk

The answer to that itchiness, dryness and even burning you might feel during those, um, intimate times with your man of the moment might just be in Duluth and not the doctor’s office    READ MORE »

Friday: 22 gay things to do today

Thank gay it’s Friday, and thank gay Atlanta for tonight's options you can dream about while you work. Click the links for detailed entries on sports, galas, artists and cocktails to look forward to.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 26 gay things to do today

Make your Thursday gayer. Record “Project Runway,” because you’ll be busy with meet & greets, concerts, discussion groups, movies, and hey, you look like you could use a drink.    READ MORE »

A filmmaker, rabbi and some gays walk into a bar

What happens when a filmmaker, a rabbi, two pastors and some gays get together? Dialogue, of course, and that's exactly what Georgia Equality had in mind.    READ MORE »