It took just a week and already the claws are coming out as gay Atlanta's Violet Chachki picks fights, makes demands and otherwise frays the nerves of her competitors on "RuPaul's Drag Race."

And we're loving every single minute of it. 

On Monday's episode, Chachki basks in the glow of winning the first main challenge with the other queens. For about a minute. Then she issues a broadside against judge Michelle Visage, who quipped last week that Chachki was giving too much boy on stage. (Watch the video clip above.)

"I hate Michelle Visage," Chachki says. "What she said just rubbed me the wrong way. To be honest, she probably has a bigger man body than I do without her implants. It wasn't tasteful the way she said it."

Twitter erupted and #VisageGate was born.

Later, Chachki gets picked for Team Trixie as the queens split into two groups for the Glamazonian Airways challenge. Trixie Mattel throws some attitude in Chachki's direction, and she backtalks. Mean looks ensue. 

When Team Trixie hits the stage for rehearsal, Chachki throws more attitude at Pearl who won't cinch a belt around her tiny, tiny waist fast or tight enough. 

"I have the smallest waist in 'RuPaul's Drag Race' history and I want people to see it," she says.

Team Trixie nailed the challenge, Chachki again nails her look and is safe for this week. Except from the glaring eye of Visage.

"You take yourself rather seriously but underneath there's this clown. So I'm waiting for her to come out," Visage says from her judging perch.