The claws came out as Atlanta's own Trinity K. Bonet served up enough to stay safe on "RuPaul's Drag Race" but the sparks flew with sassy rival Bianca Del Rio.

"Scream Queens" on Monday gave Bonet her acting debut as the queens dragged up a horror movie. Bonet flopped and her repeated use of "virgin actor" annoyed. But she delivered fierceness – and let the emotions flow – on the runway (again) and was on the side that won the team challenge. (Watch in the clip above.)

The real sparks in the episode came as Del Rio and Bonet exchanged barbs as the Broadway seamstress mocked our Atlanta pageant queen's desire to build a career around impersonating Beyoncé.

"Let's face it. Trinity looks more like Sammy Davis Jr., in a Beyoncé wig," Del Rio quips. Meow.