imageShocking as this might seem given Chick-fil-A’s “heartfelt hospitality,” but if you’re a married gay, the Atlanta-based Christian ministry

restaurant chain and its marriage retreat center don’t want anything to do with you.

The makers of those tasty sandwiches with the juicy pickles that cause gays with a conscience so much heartburn is back in the gay blogosphere this week, just two weeks after trying to calm a brewing storm over its ties to some anti-gay groups and free food.

This chapter has to do with the WinShape Foundation, the North Georgia organization that Chick-fil-A built with funds from its chicken based empire. As we predicted earlier this month WinShape will help shape up your marriage, but only if it’s one between a man and a woman. Good As You, the blog that broke the story in the first place, stepped back into the fray on Wednesday by publishing an email exchange between some marriage-loving gays and the center, based in near Rome, Ga.

The question: “Are your programs open to homosexual couples or do you only support traditional marriage?”

The answer: “WinShape Retreat defines marriage from the Biblical standard as being between one man and one woman. Groups/Individuals are welcome who offer wholesome, educational conferences and programs that are compatible with Biblical values and WinShape’s purpose.”

Just to be clear: “We do not accept homosexual couples because of the statement in our contract.”

Chew on that the next time you want to wash down a Chick-fil-A sandwich with one of their tasty shakes. A portion of that money makes its way back to WinShape, which will use it to host anti-gay marriage activists and straight couples. In other words, not you.

And if you’re a slacktivist, is still pushing its online petition against the chicken king. More than 24,200 people had clicked to sign by Thursday morning.

There’s also this: Indiana University’s South Bend campus has dumped Chick-fil-A after gay students complained.