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Q: I have been seeing a lot of people blogging about the fact that the ax just fell and they lost their job. What’s the point of reading about someone else’s lay off or career transition?

A: The point is in the perspective. If the blogger is using the post to whine, bitch and moan about their ex-employer or job loss, then skip it and enjoy some “Dilbert” cartoons instead.

But if they are using their blog as a forum to share tips, ideas and resources that will help others navigate outplacement and the job search process, then give it a read. Think of these posts as a modern day version of a job search club, where motivated seekers gather to share and brainstorm ideas.

Think about it. What are some of the obstacles we must overcome when staring at the reality of the unemployment line?

Will my company offer outplacement assistance (career coaching, resume writing and job search)? What is COBRA and how do I keep my health insurance? Where should I rollover my 401k? Do I have a non-compete clause to deal with in my previous employment agreement? What’s the best way to update my resume? Do I still need a cover letter? How should I start my search process and where do I look? What’s the best way to leverage social media/online networking for my job hunt? Should I invest in the services of a resume writer or career coach?

The list of questions can go on and on. Before we know it, our sofa, the remote control and those boxes of Girl Scout Cookies become our new best friends. So let me channel the wisdom of Cher from “Moonstruck” – snap out of it. You are not alone and there are tons of resources to help you rebound from job loss and turbo-charge your job search.

Will it be quick and easy? No ma’am! Will it take time, effort, creativity and tenacity? Absolutely.

So I recommend following blog posts from others navigating a lay off, job search and career transition as a great resource of real world information. Take charge and use this data to create your plan of attack as and fight back the gremlins that enjoy chipping away at your self esteem, confidence and motivation.

You might give some serious consideration to sharing your career stories by starting or adding to your blog. If you’ve got tips on what actions have helped, or what others might avoid while working the steps of a career plan, then share the wealth.

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