The Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Rugby Club started slow, but finished strong in the Bingham Cup last weekend, bringing home a trophy from gay rugby’s international championships.

The Bucks opened the tournament with three losses to higher-ranked teams in round robin play. But when the Bowl Division matches started, the Bucks turned it on and pushed through injuries.

“The Bucks injuries ran the gambit from two players with deep thigh bruises, bruised possibly broken ribs, sprained ankles, black eyes, shoulder injuries and even one player had internal bleeding and swelling in his leg,” says Gary Durden, the Buck’s membership and marketing chair.

On June 15, the Bucks downed the Kings Cross Steelers 12-5 to take the Bowl, the mid-tier division of the Bingham Cup. They moved to the championship after taking matches over the Northern Stags and Philadelphia Gryphons and surpassed their goal heading into the championships of just competing for a title.

In a touching moment, the Bucks received the Bingham Bowl Trophy from Alice Hoglan, the mother of Mark Bingham, the gay rugby player from San Francisco who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The tournament was created in 2002 to honor Bingham.

In the top tier, the Sydney Convicts 1 beat the King Cross Steelers 1 18-3 to take the Cup. The World Barbarians took the Plate by downing the Sydney Convicts 2 22-0. The Ulster Titans beat the Muddy York 29-5 for the Shield. More on the Convicts dominance (with photos) from Outsports here.

Listen to the Bucks’ pre-match pep talk after the jump and watch clips from their championship match.

For more video clips of the Bucks from the Bingham Cup, go here.