When the Bucks go gay, good things happen.

In a rematch with the Nashville Grizzlies on March 29, the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club won and won big – outscoring their gay opponents 62-0 to improve their record to 2-5. When the two teams met in February, the Bucks took charge there, too, downing the Grizzlies 51-3.

“I think Saturday gives us that confidence we need to establish to be a competitive side,” says Bullet Manale, the team’s president. “We have been implementing a new offensive scheme this season. Our offense got a boost of confidence [last] weekend.”

On Saturday, the Bucks face the Huntsville Rugby Club, a team they lost to in February. The game is set for 2 p.m. at Creel Park in College Park, the Bucks’ home field. It’s the last home match for the team, though the club plays at Emory University on April 19. The Bucks close the season on May 10 in Charlotte.

“I have been very happy to see the support we get. We play our matches at Creel Park, which isn’t certainly located. It has meant that people [that attend] care about the sport and our club, which means a lot to the members. It is empowering to see people show up to watch us play a sport we love,” Manale says.

For a lighter look at rugby, check out the videos below from Tina Turner. The diva recorded two promotional videos for the Australian Rugby League nearly two decades ago. The first, set to “What You Get is What You See,” shows some rugby hunks, circa late 1980s or early 1990s.

The second -- set to "The Best," which became the theme song for lesbian tennis star Martina Navratilova -- came a few years later, so the eye candy is a bit more contemporary. Thanks to Kenneth in the (212) for the post about the first.