Brian Kemp ‘cruising for votes’ on Grindr

Brian Kemp is out with an attack ad against his Democratic rival Stacey Abrams in the unlikeliest of places — Grindr — despite Kemp’s support of anti-LGBTQ “religious freedom” bills.

The banner ad has a picture of Abrams beside the line “Where was Stacey Abrams.” The AJC reported that the ad attacks Abrams’ stance on sex offender legislation.

The Georgia Democrats called out the odd pairing.

"Instead of cruising for votes on Grindr, Brian Kemp should stand up for LGBTQ Georgians and promote a strong economy by committing to veto RFRA — just as Nathan Deal did," Seth Bringman, Democratic Party of Georgia spokesperson, said in a press release.

Bringman refers to House Bill 757, a controversial anti-LGBTQ “religious freedom” bill that Deal vetoed in 2016.

The Georgia Democrats also noted the timing of the ad running during Atlanta Pride week. According to the AJC:

We also reached out to the Democratic Party of Georgia which commended his “innovative advertising efforts” during Pride Week. 

“But we don’t expect him to find much support,” added party spokesman Seth Bringman. “He has made clear that he would sign discrimination into law if he is elected governor, even though 400+ major Georgia employers have said that doing so would harm the state’s economy.”

The Kemp campaign didn’t respond to Project Q’s request for comment about its advertising on the social networking app for gay men.

A look at the campaign’s latest financial disclosure shows ties to a political advertising firm that has used Grindr to support its GOP clients before.

The Kemp campaign paid about $90,000 to Majority Strategies between July and September. This firm gained attention in 2014 when it ran ads on Grindr for the NRA in support of Senate candidate Tom Cotton.

Kemp said he’ll veto “religious freedom” legislation that goes beyond a version that's been federal law for nearly 25 years. But LGBTQ activists said the bill he supports is still discriminatory and sets a dangerous precedent.

Vice President Mike Pence — another ardent backer of anti-LGBTQ “religious freedom” bills — was scheduled to stump for Kemp on Thursday in Atlanta. But Pence cancelled due to Hurricane Michael, reported the AJC. It’s the second time Pence had to cancel an Atlanta visit for the Kemp campaign due to weather.