Brent Star’s search for kidney donor stalls

Gay Atlanta entertainer Brent Star’s battle with kidney disease suffered a setback after a potential donor fell through.

The comedian and drag performer went public with his search for a kidney donor in April. He’s been receiving dialysis treatments three times a week for three-and-a-half hours a visit since 2016. 

Star (photo) announced on Facebook in June that he found a donor, but he heard back on Aug. 30 that they didn’t meet the medical requirements.

“He had the right blood type and everything was going right,” Star told Project Q Atlanta. “You have to go through several tests and one of the tests he was one point short and didn’t pass.” 

Star said in the future he will keep potential donor matches a secret.

“Now I know not to make anymore announcements until the transplant committee calls me and says Mr. Star, we have a match,” he said. “I just haven’t been looking for a donor. It’s like with the Oscars when they said ‘La La Land’ won and it accidentally didn’t win."

Star’s dialysis treatment is going well and he’s keeping his sense of humor intact as his search for a kidney donor continues.

“The doctors are the ones that tell me I better get out there and start looking for a donor,” he said. “It’s kind of like the doctor is a pimp telling me to get back out on the street.”

He continues to do stand-up comedy and private events, but the treatment takes a toll.

“On the days I do dialysis it slows me down a lot, but performing for me is like my lifeline, you know?” he said.

Star is looking for a donor with blood types A or O. Potential donors can call the Living Donor Program at Piedmont Healthcare at 404-605-4605 or fill out the online medical questionnaire here.