When "Body & Soul" unveils its annual sexy showcase of the human form, the best part of opening night is seeing the models up close. Without liquid latex poured over their nude bodies.

That chance arrives Saturday as gay-owned pb&j gallery opens its popular, risqué show with the works of gallery owner Bob Burkhardt and three other artists: Jan C., Trevor Green and DS Hathaway. This show, in its fifth year at the Kirkwood gallery, doesn't spare the flesh. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

“As a photographer, I am exploring the questions that challenge one’s perception of beauty and where it lives in the subject through lines, shapes and contrast," Hathaway says in a prepared statement. 

There are cocktails aplenty and snacks to nosh on during the show. Plenty of free parking, too. And photos of muscled men dripping in liquid latex from Green, if that's your thing. If not, Hathaway's work showcases female forms in silhouettes. Burkhardt and Jan C. play to their strengths in capturing athletic men. And muscular bulges. Lots of them.

Sneak a peek at their work below and then make plans to meet them (and some of their sexy subjects) on Saturday during the opening reception. It's part of a packed weekend of events in gay Atlanta. The show runs until March 7.