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T.O. bares, sex slang, tweets drop ‘Bruno’

image Can Washington, D.C. change the face of the queer rights movement?
Lesbian love is a lot like a PB&J.
Lessons to be learned from straight celebrities like Daniel Radcliffe.
The newest sex slang, from Thighbrows to Dicknotized.
Marion Barry on his ethics woes: Tthe homo is trying to set me up.'
Proof: The gay marriage movement is draining resources from queer activism.
T.O. (photo) goes naked for new VH1 show.
Did Twitter make "Bruno" a one-day wonder at the box office?
Out actor John Barrowman on Dr. Jack and “Torchwood” and on fame.
When an ex-Mormon dude sleeps with your boyfriend.    READ MORE »

UGA’s gay GOP, Daniel Radcliffe, queer rock

image UGA may soon see a Log Cabin Republicans group.
Obama tells gay activists: Trust me.
Political discourse has become an aphrodisiac that has seduced our community away from equally important issues.
Hot Haas at Wimbledon.
Fort Worth police chief shows his homophobia.
As long as it looks like I'm packing a big one.
Daniel Radcliffe (photo): "I"d love to play a drag queen or transvestite."
Dropping your pants to prove your sex.
The Indie Rock Fag's top 11 crush-worthy queer boy rockstars.
The same-sex shenanigans of nearly all animals.

Michael Urie, cavalier cop, applause lines

image Michael Urie (photo left) is a "member of the LGBT community" but would rather talk about his work.
Fort Worth Police Chief: yeah, that fag at the Rainbow Lounge deserved the beat-down.
Gay activists offer Obama 'thunderous applause.'
What does tennis smell like? Lacoste hopes it smells like Challenge.
How to have sex on the beach and other ramblings on craving spontaneity.    READ MORE »

Gay green, lesbian hair, baseball jocks, target

image It's easy being green: Courting the green gay dollar.

The White House parties like it's 1999.

Women’s hottest baseball player: Derek Jeter.

They hate Kevin Jennings (photo) because he's a progressive gay. Period.

Lesbian hairstyles around the world: Montreal.    READ MORE »

Scott Evans, jocks, internet dating, crash vic

image Mourning a lesbian among the DC Metro crash victims.
Athletes and the golden age of beefcake.
Dating: It’s better than taking a wallet out and showing people a picture of your hand.
"One Life to Live" actor Scott Evans (photo) on doing gay for pay on a TV soap and being the second openly gay man on daytime.
Finding the hot mens: The signifier vs. the signified in gay internet dating.    READ MORE »

Batwoman, gay MLK, Ronaldo, Zero Sum Gay

image Soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo: Having a gay old time.
"Training Rules" director Dee Mosbacher speaks out.
Zero Sum Gays: Is my cause better than your cause? Or is there room for both?
Buxom billionaire heiress by day and sexy crime fighter Batwoman by night comes out as a lesbian.
The New Eugenics?
Why there won't be a gay Martin Luther King Jr.    READ MORE »

Pretty Ricky, Cameau, Odd Girl, ‘marraige’

image The slut who won't shut up.
Gay candidate in Florida gets standing ovation for answering the "gay" question.
Gay high school swimmer’s lust for teammate.
Lesbian Latina sheriff is a straight shooter.
Pretty Ricky's Spectacular grinds in underwear, insists "I'm not gay."
Gay singer and songwriter Chris Cameau (photo) talks music and his new album.
Fact or fiction: Love is superficial for gay guys?
MSNBC's Anderson Cooper in drag?
National Organization for Marriage has trouble spelling, well, marriage.
The Odd Girl Out interview.    READ MORE »

Johnny Weir, Obama, Polis, boxy battle

image Johnny Weir (photo) is a pop star on ice.
Lawrence King's memory shat upon by California judge.
Wash, rinse repeat: Focus on the Family caught lying, this time about a poll.
Barack's door: They knock Knox, we knock noxious attacks.
Exploring the gay history of the bath house.
I don't have wedding fever. I've got diamond ring fever.
Obama lacks the Gipper's political courage on gays.
Polis, partner settle into D.C. as “resident tourists."
Battle of the Boxes: Taking a look under the hood of three box-like vehicles.
Lesbian Scientistics: Maxim's Hot 100 vs.'s Hot 100.    READ MORE »

Gay Idol, Outrage, ousted student,  jock

image Adam Lambert isn't the only gay Idol. There's an (out) gay one named Theo Tams.
NPR spikes "Outrage" review that named names.
John Gechter, aka Vincent DeSalvo, speaks out about gay porn controversy.
Tennessee invalidates transwoman's marriage.
Gay college runner to be featured in documentary.
An "Anti Gay" epidemic we actually hope catches on.
Will gay mogul David Geffen gay up the New York Times?
It's easy being green: An introduction.
The integrity of Michael Petrelis and the tragedy of gay Iraqis.
How song writing helped Nora Ricci change her life.    READ MORE »

Jodie Foster, Paul Broun, Chris Pine, Obama

image Obama makes gay marriage joke; blogosphere gets in an uproar.
I forgot that love is what makes a family.
HIV disclosure laws strike again.
LeBron James is the object of my man crush.
Paul Broun reintroduced federal marriage amendment.
Paper or plastic, marriage or civil union?
What the heck does "NEG UB2" mean?
Chris Pine stripped to his briefs for "Star Trek."
Jodie Foster (photo) gives voice to Maggie Simpson.
"Rope" as a measure of gays' cinematic progress.    READ MORE »

Gay millions, Ms. McGreevey, bar fly, hipster

image Meet Kevin Grainger (photo), Bravo's gay millionaire.
Teachers didn't see Jaheem Herrera bullied?
Corey Johnson 10 years after coming out to his high school football team.
It takes courage to say this: I, Zack Rosen, am a hipster.
Sen. Jeff Sessions now says an out gay Supreme Court justice nominee "would be a big concern."
Dear Ms. McGreevey (Jimmy, that is).
How motherhood earned me a free sex toy.
Will the political cost delay repeal of "Don't Ask"?
At what point are you a bar fly?
Marion Barry's nightmare comes true: Jefferson and Lincoln do the Humpty Dance.    READ MORE »

Supreme Court, test drives, Mitcham, Obama

image Out lesbian Kathleen Sullivan (photo) a contender for Supreme Court nomination.
Gay guys don't spit.
Having marketed myself and met misleading advertising, could I have found more than I bargained for?
Maggie Gallagher, NOM get destroyed on "Larry King Live."
Singer John Legend debuts new summer body by going shirtless on South Beach.
Anti-gay activism is really going to the dogs (and cats).
President Obama: Give us an LGBT activist.
Matthew Mitcham avoids swine flu after Mexico trip.
Who the hell is a drag queen like me going to marry?
Stick Shift digs out: I’ve done a half-dozen test drives in recent weeks and haven’t written about any of them.    READ MORE »

Jen Foster, Mitcham, Drag Cougars, Twitter

image Is LGBTQQIA too PC for gay community?
Want your gay TV? Look across the pond.
Summer is coming and I'm wondering if my boyfriend should go.
Finding the hottest men in the Athenian Wonderland.
Is a drag queen over 40 a Drag Cougar?
Jen Foster (photo) gives more than a kiss.
My final post on the Miss California flap -- and a smackdown of Roland Martin.
Twitter, gay rights and controlling the message.
Matthew Mitcham still puzzled by lack of sponsors.
Heather has two mommies, one reliable Fort Lauderdale home.    READ MORE »

Miss Calif., Rick Warren, Prince, Rudy, Lohan

image “That’s so gay” is not OK, and confronting other homophobic stuff.
Women are more receptive to sex when their feet are warm.
Miss California's gay marriage flub.
"America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani suddenly against the gay marriage.
Obama to name out lesbian assistant secretary of HUD.
Do we go out to find that special someone or are we going out of our way to avoid putting ourselves out there?
Voting open for the Hot 100.
Prince is a fancy lesbian.
Lindsay Lohan: Are you getting advice from Tom Cruise again?
Rick Warren operatives trying to whitewash his anti-gay positions from Wikipedia entry.    READ MORE »

GOProud, Chris Rice, The Peter, Domino’s

image The significance of visibility: It is an imperative, not a choice.
Christopher Rice (photo) on Amazon's gay "error" and how they may just be the future of gay publishing, anyway.
Gay, proud and conservative.
National Car Rental employee calls trans customer "screwed-up man faggot."
The Peter's mad at Wayne Besen again.
Why Domino's ought to fire these two gay employees.
A 12-year-old speaks testifies for marriage equality in Vermont.
Working the angles at the New York Auto Show.
Football Association says play with your balls.
A funny (and kinda sexy) YouTube parody of "no homo."    READ MORE »

Luke & Noah, Ben & Jerry’s, bully, Southland

image "Rescue Me's" Steve Pasquale (photo) shows his range.
Dr. Laura softens stance on gay marriage.
"South Park": Kanye West is a gay fish, yo.
Who wants "Southland's" gay cop to handcuff you?
For the National Organization for Marriage, it's raining men.
No Georgia Dome this Easter Weekend for anti-gay pastor Eddie Long.
It's Ben and Jerry's, not Gwen and Jerry's: Jon Stewart's take on gay marriage.
Holiday Special: Debunking Biblical homophobia.
Anti-gay bullying leads to sixth grader's suicide.
Things get silly for Luke and Noah on "As the World Turns."    READ MORE »

‘Krod,” Out power list, Barney, ‘L Word’

image Krod Mandoon and the flaming gay stereotype. (photo)
Showtime's lesbian alphabet ends at "L"?
Did Fox passive-aggressively dis the gay "Idol" finalist?
The speed of change and why I am not happy with President Obama.
True believers are angry at Rick Warren's "betrayal" on "Larry King Live."
NFL teams set up fake Facebook profiles.
Bow Wow pays tribute to gay icon Nancy Sinatra in new song.
Lesbian stereotyping or just the same old drama?
Barney Frank: The most powerful gay man in the U.S.
Out leaves lesbians behind in its Power 50.    READ MORE »

TransTuesday, Rick Warren, Nick Adams

image Video: Working out with Nick Adams (photo), "the best biceps on Broadway."
Are we losing our gaydar?
TransTuesday on Twitter.
Rick Warren lies about his homobigotry on "Larry King Live."
Perhaps they should Focus on their family for awhile.
It’s official: Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have split up (at least for now).
CNN tackles Rene Portland and new doc film.
Songs about loose teeth from Erin Lee and Marci.
Like it or not, Yes on Prop 8 ad featuring San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom wins industry prize.
All these things I haven't done.    READ MORE »

Drudge, Suze, marriage, bashing, what’s sex?

image Gay marriage issue returns – to a changed America.
How the gay marriage ruling strengthens heterosexual marriages.
What if political consultants said no more gay bashing?
Matt Drudge (photo): "I do not love sex with men."
With definitions of "sex" and "virginity" based on heterosexual standards, what's a gay to do?
Another hollow apology. This time from Dana White.
Love makes a family, but only through marriage.
Two moms, one gay son and a homophobic family.
Gay marriage: It's advocates, practitioners and skeptics.
Lesbian financial guru Suze Orman gives advice for you.    READ MORE »

Bravo’s gays, translicious Camaro, troops

image Meet the six gay guys (photo) from Bravo's "The Fashion Show."
What makes the new Camaro so translicious?
Disrespecting the troops, one thousands officers at a time.
Rank bigotry: Should racism and homophobia drive policy in our Armed Services?
Anyone into the pride jock?
Amateur outrage: The first official condemnation of the Iowa marriage ruling hits YouTube.
What do gay singer-songwriter Tom Goss, a hooker with a heart of gold, and a 14-karat bust of Dolly Parton have in common?
How do gay men define bareback?
If gays want to date on straight websites, Burger King should serve Big Macs.
Nate Gill models skin for GQ Style.    READ MORE »