A gay angel earns its wings when a local magazine includes shout-outs to the LGBT-ATL in its rundown of Atlanta’s “Best.” When global media follows suit, let the full choir sing and Gabriel’s horn blow.

The religious analogy is apt for Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium (photo). The watering hole was one of several gay-owned and gay-popular spots on Atlanta magazine’s 50 Best Bars list. Mary’s is the highest-ranking gay bar at No. 9, and Blake’s came in at No. 22. There’s plenty of tangential gayness to celebrate as well, whether you’re a gay Old Fourth Ward hipster (Sound Table at No. 7), or knocking back a few with Midtown's “gays and grays” (Colonnade's bar ranks No. 49).

The little bar called “Church” came in at No. 14 on Atlanta magazine’s list, with some extra love for owner Grant Henry’s contributions to Old Fourth Ward, his new Athens satellite bar, and his kitschy Midas Touch.

The kitch also scratches Buzzfeed’s itch in a list of 17 Awesome Themed Bars That Make Kitsch Cool. The bar’s No. 1 ranking – not just in the states, but in the world – actually drove Henry to tears and exhaltation.



Church, Blake's and Mary’s have been in similar, deserved circumstances before. Church topped Atlanta’s bars in another international rundown, and Mary’s was named Best Gay Bar in the country and the world more than once. Blake’s, Heretic and Ten joined them on this World’s Best Gay Bars list. To see which places topped the gays in Atlanta magazine in multiple categories, check out its Best of Atlanta teaser online or pick up the latest issue to have for your very own.