The parade of mean lady Republicans in Georgia who want to keep rallying supporters with anti-gay rhetoric is long. (There are men, too.) Yet there's always room for one more. Meet Virginia Galloway.

She's the Georgia-based regional field director for the Faith & Freedom Coalition. The former Tea Party activist hitched her wagon to Ralph Reed last year to amp up her work on social issues. And with Reed, the Duluth-based political strategist, "social issues" is code for pretty much anything anti-gay.

So Galloway is now hammering away at candidates in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate for their lack of red meat on social issues, according to the Bradenton Herald.

Some do push to get such matters into the political dialogue. Virginia Galloway, the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Georgia-based regional field director, challenged the notion that social issues are fading from the debate.

“The reason we have economic problems is that we have a breakdown of character in this nation,” she said.

Translation: The gays (and probably abortionists and that gay-marriage loving Obama, too) are killing the country, one economic problem at a time.

But arguing that social issues aren't front and center in the GOP primary is laughable, considering its cast of anti-gay characters. There's Karen Handel, who wallowed in anti-gay sludge during her run for governor. There's Paul Broun, who fancies his boy penis. And Phil Gingrey, who hasn't found a gay marriage he won't contest. (The exception is Art Gardner, the one candidate in the primary who backs same-sex marriage.)

Yet there's Galloway, chanting "social issues" and stomping up and down to get some attention. Even if voters don't want what she's serving.

Older people are also becoming more accepting. Gay issues, said Regina Liparoto, a Manchester, Ga., talk show host, just weren’t discussed when she was growing up in the 1970s. That’s meant a quick education, and a realization that gays and lesbians should be accepted.

“How can you ask someone to not accept a family member of someone you love?” she asked.