What do you get when you add blacklight and lasers to scantily clad gay and lesbian foam partiers? Another crazy Bedlam party. That was the scene on Saturday when Sud The Fuck Up hit Xcess Ultra Lounge.

Known for their unique theme nights each month at various locations around town, the Bedlam crazies unleashed two of their best ideas at the same night. Last month’s WackedOut Blackout (view photos) met the swimsuits of June’s wet, wild H2(h)O (yep, more pics) in a foamy fun mess. In other words, just another excuse for Bedlam revelers to wear next to nothing and dance their asses off to DJ Shane V.

What’s next? What else but a Bedlam: Hawt Mess party—think Lindsey Lohan for inspiration—in the works for Sept. 15 at Asylum.

Photos by Loren Hoffmann