Baton Bob likes to spread his cheerful mirth across Midtown with a baton, whistle and majorette boots. But cross this gay man in drag and his inner bitch will come flying out as it did on Thursday.

He cuts quite the figure marching along busy city streets with his whistle as a warning that he’s nearby. But while Baton Bob makes mornings better for most, some take exception. When it happened Thursday morning, this gay street performer was not amused.

To the ASSHOLE, that complained to MIDTOWN BLUE Yesterday For Me Standing to long in front of your building!!!.....KISS MY ASS!!!.....I don’t need another DAN CATHY Telling Me What To The FUCK To DO!!!!....GET A LIFE, I have one!!!!........Love, Baton Bob

Well, then. Like we said, cross him, threaten him and harangue him and Baton Bob will fight back.