Rant prone, tutu novelty Baton Bob apologized on Wednesday to two gay Atlanta bars whose customers complained about his indoor whistle-blowing antics. His racist rants two days earlier? Not so much.

The apology to Ten and Mixx came two days after Baton Bob attacked Latinos on Facebook when he was apparently denied entrance to a gay Cinco de Mayo party at Las Margaritas. He later removed the posts, which were provided to Project Q.

Add those to the growing list of Baton Bob's intemperate outbursts, which includes ranting about a "white lesbian bitch" that asked for a photo, telling security guards that "I'll fuck you up," calling some other security guards "fucking ignorant" and telling an Atlanta police officer that he'd rather have "sucked your cock" than kneed him in the groin.

We've reached out repeatedly this week to Baton Bob and his self-described public relations person, Mr. Clarity, for comment. They've responded with repeated threats to sue us.