READ MORE | Baton Bob ‘truly sorry’ but not for his hateful rants

Ranty misogynist and drag street performer Baton Bob went on a racist rant late Monday after apparently being denied entry to a gay Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Baton Bob, known legally as Bob Jamerson, gets testy when pestered by security fans guards and fans that he thinks are interrupting his whistle-blowing baton twirling performances. On Monday, he teed off on Facebook after being kept out of Papi's Parking Lot Cinco de Mayo Festival at Las Margaritas, one of gay Atlanta's largest Cinco celebrations.

Baton Bob later deleted the posts from his Facebook page. He could not be immediately reached for comment. Oscar Valdivieso, the restaurant's gay owner, could also not be reached. A single off-duty Atlanta police officer directed traffic at the event while private security guards staffed the entrance.

Atlanta police arrested Baton Bob in June after a confrontation with security guards at Colony Square in Midtown. When he was asked to leave the property, he told security "don't fuck with me, I'll fuck you up," according to a police report.

Before Monday's meltdown, Baton Bob's most epic rant came as he criticized a "white lesbian bitch" fan that asked for a photo with him. He called security guards at a downtown hotel "fucking ignorant" after an incident in April 2013. He interrupted a WSB live shot in November yet somehow managed to march through Atlanta Pride without incident.

UPDATE | Baton Bob responded to our questions about the incident with this email: ""NO WAY JOSE,.....I don't need you or Project Q!!!!!!......And, DON'T CONTACT ME ANY MORE!!!!!!     THANKS"