10 ways to be a better bae this Valentine’s Day

Everybody's talking about Valentine's Day, and that's fine for one day. Here's how you can impress your boo and extend the Season of Love beyond the holiday and through the whole year.

1. Talk the Talk (top photo)

Start and keep up your end of intellectual, stimulating conversations







2. Add To, Not “Complete”

You’re both “complete” as you are, or should be. Find ways to enhance each other’s experience.


3. Embrace Differences

All your interests won’t match. Be excited simply that they are excited, and let them have their “thing.”


4. Be a Friend First

Ask friends what "needs work" about you as a friend. Believe them. Apply it to your relationship.


5. Surprises

Impromptu date nights. Thoughtful gestures. Gifts of the heart. Go!


6. Respect Their Friendships

Their friends were there long before you, and will still be there whether you are or not. 


7. Kindness Over ‘Winning’

Arguments come and go. Hurt through superior stubbornness is forever.


8. Signs of Attraction

Let them know that even their smallest idiosyncrasies, movements and gestures make you hot.


9. Silent Treatment

As much as you love talking, wallow in comfortable quiet too, and find ways to spend time apart.


10. Listen

Not just staring at them. Care enough about them to care what they have to say.