Never let it be said that the burly bears of the gay Atlanta Bucks Rugby team can’t commit to fun for a cause. But of all the nice things you can say about them, doing pretty drag isn’t one of them.

Those two facts came together hilariously on Saturday evening during the Bucks annual Miss Ruck & Maul fundraiser. The guys rouged up their cheeks, stretched on their fishnets and gave it their all for this year’s “CHERing the Love” camp-drag event, which benefited Lost N Found Youth.

Tosha Salad (Spencer Poston) won the night as the Buck who raised the most bucks, and the event raised a total of $5,000 for LNF. In 2013, the event raised $6,174. In 2011, the pageant and a silent auction raised a record $12,500. Ruck N Maul raised $3,700 in 2010 and $7,500 a year before that.

Just like last that other time of year when they all put on dresses, it wasn’t pretty, but it was fun.

Photos by Russ Youngblood