Meet Atlantans at the intersection of queer identities in Q mag

Intersectionality remains at the forefront of this edition of Q as Atlantans bring to bare all their LGBTQ identities. This week's Q magazine coverage converges at the intersection of race, age, sexual orientation and gender identity. 

In Q Books, first-time author Timothy Keys launches his memoir I Don't Want to Be That!  He adds his voice and perspective to the conversation about black gay men in the Deep South.

Meanwhile, our transgender and nonbinary siblings get the 10 Queer Things spotlight with the best things about coming out as their authentic selves. In Q Voices, James Parker Sheffield picks apart the military's trans ban. As always, two other queers among our readership close out the issue aboard the struggle bus in The Q advice column.

We balance those heavier topics against some stress-relieving fun. The calendar of events offers ample opportunity to blow off steam, scores smiles grace the photo galleries, and Q Fashionistas punch up their winter wardrobes with not-so-neutral brown in our cover feature.

Dig into the full issue below, look for daily news updates here on Project Q Atlanta, and let me know if you’d like to contribute your ideas or creative talents. Reach me via our contact form or via [email protected].



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