Atlanta's gayest not-gay reality show daddy, Todd Chrisley, set off Don Lemon's gaydar on "The View" on Monday, prompting the gay fill in host to press him on being "flamboyant and gay." Chrisley delivered the sassy retort you'd expect.

"I wish I had that much time. I wish I had enough time to be gay," Chrisley quips. Julie, his wife, then interjects with this: "He says all the time, 'All these kids. If I could be gay it would be a vacation.'"

Since "Chrisley Knows Best" debuted last month on USA, Chrisley has embraced being a bottom and dished out sassy at every turn. His eldest daughter, Lindsie, even warned him to prepare for becoming "a gay pop icon."

Let the gay rumors continue to swirl. Chrisley eats it up. So do fans of the show.