Her runway flair carried her this far, but Atlanta queen Trinity K. Bonet's troubles with the main challenges finally proved fatal on "RuPaul's Drag Race." So she sashayed away.

She couldn't nail a mock interview with Cher's mom, Georgia Pelham, and grumpy son, Chaz Bono, repeatedly calling him "Chad." So despite delivering fabulous "birds of a feather flock together realness" on the runway for guest judge Paula Abdul, she was sunk. Michelle Visage had enough, dubbing Bonet's main challenge performance "abysmal." RuPaul said she "laid an egg."

"Not winning doesn't mean that I'm not destined to be a superstar or have a purpose in life. It just means that my time was up," Bonet says on her way out. RuPaul heaped praise on Bonet as her time on the show expired, calling her "gorgeous, talented and fierce."

Bonet leaves the show empowered, finding the strength to come out on reality TV as HIV-positive and building her self-confidence, something that plagued her at times during her run. Bonet survived until episode 9, making it further than any Atlanta performer on the show – Nicole Paige Brooks (Season 2, episode 2), Sonique (Season 2, episode 4), Phoenix (Season 3, episode 2) and Mariah (Season 3, episode 6).