Elected officials, gay-friendly candidates and even the chair of the Georgia Democrats stumped for LGBT support on Sunday by marching in the Atlanta Pride parade.

Amanda Swafford, a Libertarian running for Georgia's U.S. Senate seat, sat atop a truck turned into a float holding a campaign sign with one hand and waving to the crowd with the other. Swafford came out forcefully backing gay marriage in August. She appeared to be the only statewide candidate in the race. LGBT supporters of Michelle Nunn, the Democrat in the race, took part in the parade, but their candidate did not.

Elected officials in the parade included City Council members Mary Norwood, Alex Wan, Carla Smith and Andre Dickens. Bob Gibeling, who hopes to become the first openly gay man elected to the state House, also took part.

Parade participants also included DuBose Porter (top photo), the chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia. He's been working to court LGBT supporters, in part by publicly discussing how a "bald-headed fat redneck" now backs marriage equality.

None of them, though, kept pace with U.S. Rep. John Lewis.

Two days before the parade, Porter issued a statement cheering on the Pride celebration.

“This week, we celebrate the contributions made by the LGBT community and just how far we have come as a nation on LGBT rights. While our state has miles to go before we sleep, know that state Democratic lawmakers will continue to work toward a Georgia that treats all its citizens equally under the law.

I’m proud that our Party has led the fight against the discrimination of all people – regardless of who they love. That’s one of the many reasons why I will be marching with Georgia Democrats and the DPG staff in this Sunday’s Pride parade.

We have plenty of reasons to celebrate, but that does not mean we should be satisfied. We cannot stop until all men and women – who are created equally – are treated equally.”