VIEW MORE PHOTOS | Atlanta Police Department @ Pride Parade

imageThe Atlanta Police Department, still trying to shake a strained relationship with the city’s LGBT population, marched in the Atlanta Pride parade on Sunday with a contingent nearly 20 gay officers strong.

It’s not the first time the openly gay officers took part in the parade. They did so in 2009, just weeks after the botched Eagle raid that has since caused the troubled relationship with gay residents. Last year, police Chief George Turner took part, the first time Atlanta’s top cop has joined the parade.

On Sunday, the officers were led by Deputy Chief Renee Propes (top photo). The lesbian former major was promoted last November and now commands the agency’s Community Services Division, which includes the police department’s two LGBT liaisons who also took part in the parade. (Turner did not take part in the parade.)

The group also included an openly gay officer from MARTA.