Let’s not be shy, Corey Allen. The lean, muscular (and tastefully nude) curves of Allen were put on display Saturday in large prints from gay Atlanta photographer Edward Matthews as he unveiled “Survivor.”

The latest body of work from Matthews was a collection of shots of Allen, who inspired Matthews with his story of overcoming drug addiction. The powder that artfully covers all of Allen’s special places? A nod to his former cocaine habit.

Corey had his own struggle in life with a powder stronger than he could have ever imagined – Cocaine!  It was because of his struggles that he immediately identified with the story that these photographs could tell.  Also, [Edward Matthews] and Corey realized how these images could inspire others to release themselves from their own demons, and become victorious in the World of Life that we live in.

The photography show at 10th & Piedmont, which recently hosted its own unveiling – also served as a benefit for Pets Are Loving Support, that gay-run, bingo-hosting non-profit that cares for the pets of critically-ill Atlantans.

Top photo: Photographer Edward Matthews (right) with Corey Allen