Well that didn’t take long. The senior pastor at an Atlanta area church crawled out from under his pulpit to spew offensive blather about gays molesting boys to argue that his church would boot the Boy Scouts if they allow gay scouts and leaders.

Rev. Randy Mickler, welcome to our list of Georgia’s anti-gay bigots. You’re now in fine company with the likes of Rinda Wilson, Tanya Ditty, Judy Manning and Sue Ella Deadwyler.

Mickler, senior minister at Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church in Marietta, sat for an interview with WSB on Wednesday to react to the Boy Scouts’ consideration of lifting its ban on gays. (The Scouts punted the decision to May.) He offered wisdom like this:

“It’s kind of like putting boys and girls in the same tent. It’s just too risky,” Mickler tells WSB’s Rachel Stockman. And Stockman isn’t blame-free, either, allowing the pastor to vent about gay men molesting boys without challenging his false assertions. In fact, she leads him to it with her question. (Watch video above.)

Mickler’s church hosts the largest number of Eagle Scouts in the state, according to WSB.

Video via WSB