An Atlanta man cruising Tinder for a gay trick was stabbed, locked in a bathroom and robbed when the two men moved their meetup from a fast food restaurant to an apartment.

The 35-year-old man met his assailant at a McDonald's near Barrett Parkway on Sept. 22 after connecting on the popular cruising app Tinder. The two men then moved from the restaurant to the apartment of a friend in the DeFoors Glen Condominiums on DeFoors Ferry Road.

That's when the afternoon hookup turned violent, according to an incident report from Atlanta police.

"Victim advised that at some point the events took a turn and that the suspect began stabbing him with a pocket knife," according to the incident report.

The man was stabbed four times, according to WSB, which first reported the incident on Sunday. His assailant, described as a 40-year-old man, brandished a gun and used a steak knife to stab him, according to the incident report. The man fled in the victim's 2005 Honda Accord.

After the attack, the victim came out of the apartment bleeding and was spotted by a landscaping crew.

"They advised he told them a man had approached him at gun point and told him to take him back to this apartment where he then locked him in the bathroom, stabbed him, stole his money and vehicle," according to the incident report.

The victim, who works in a Midtown hotel, was transported to the hospital. He did not respond to questions from Project Q Atlanta on Monday. No arrests have been made in the incident.