Atlanta landscaper denies service to gay couple for being ‘perverse’

The owner of an Atlanta landscape design business refused to serve a gay Sandy Springs couple because he believed their marriage was “perverse and foolish” and a “delusion.”

A review of the business from a “Colton S.” was posted on Botanica Atlanta's official Yelp page (bottom photo) in July. 

“Contacted today about a very large project in Sandy Springs,” wrote Colton S. "The owner asked if the work was for me and my wife, I said no me and my husband and he replied that he wouldn't be interested in working with us.”

A man identifying himself as Botanica Atlanta owner Stuart DiNenno (top photo) then weighed in.

Yes, this is an accurate description of what happened. When doing a large landscaping project, it is necessary to work with the homeowners closely over several months through the design and installation phases. I can't do that, all the while going along with the delusion of two men calling themselves a married couple, with one man referring to the other man as his husband. It's very perverse and foolish, and needs to be called out as such.

The Better Business Bureau lists DiNenno as Botanica Atlanta's owner, and he is listed as general manager on the business's website

It is illegal in the city of Atlanta to deny services to someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Atlanta is the only municipality in the state with such protections. 

Project Q Atlanta reached out to DiNenno, Botanica Atlanta and Colton S. for comment and will update this story if they respond.

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Photos via Yelp