Atlanta Instacouple monetizes thirst with pay-per-peeks

Local queer muscle cuties Rick and Griff Twombley-King have been turning heads locally for years. Both enjoy showing off the fruits of their labor in Rick’s eponymous personal training business by going shirtless – and maybe a little more – on social media.

After marrying each other and their individual Instagram accounts into one sexy union, their looks and hidden talents for entertaining became irresistible for a growing number of fans outside Atlanta. Add their gift for dubsmashing showtunes, and a global gay viral thirst was born.

By mid-March, they were closing in on 200,000 followers with revealing stills and fun videos including renditions of Little Mermaid tunes and “What Is This Feeling” from Wicked.

Now the couple has taken Instafame to new heights. The site OnlyFans allows them to show way more skin (and even more). For a fee, fans pay for the privilege to peek behind the curtain of their lives. It’s all for show and reveals just a small portion of their actual life and relationship, but it’s a tidbit that thousands are definitely watching.

According to a new mini-documentary on Vice, the pair is investing a ton of personal time and effort into making the new venture pay off. In short, they’re treating it like a job, including professional photography and videos.

While fans of gay porn – yes, you – won’t want to give up those more salacious subscriptions for the money shots, these husbands hope that there’s room for their sexual teases, workout videos and food prep tutorials, and that they resonate enough to earn some of your hard-earned coins.

Critics call it narcissism, but the couple calls it exhibitionism. And while they say they’re out to set an example for other gay men, they like getting fans’ blood pressure rising.

“It’s a turn-on, frankly,” Rick tells Vice. Let the photos on these pages help you decide if you are smelling what they’re cooking.

Follow Rick Twombley and Griff King on Instagram @rick_and_the_griffopotamus, where you’ll find links to their other, racier content. Check out their Vice video and some select stills below.

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