Oh, Porsha Stewart. Maybe the finger test would help. "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member, in a bitter divorce, once defended her husband's heterosexuality. Now, not so much.

In a clip promoting the show's Nov. 3 debut, Porsha says that husband Kordell didn't want her physically. To make the implication more clear, she adds: "That made me wonder, what does he want?" (Watch above.)

Kordell's sexual orientation has been the grist of rumor mills for years, even pushing the former  NFL quarterback to address them with his Pittsburgh Steelers teammates during a meeting in 1998. But last December, Porsha engaged in a host of offensive stereotypes to defend her husband's heterosexuality, suggesting that gay men aren't real men and bantering with radio hosts about sticking her finger in Kordell's ass. If he allowed it, of course he's gay.

Kordell has offered up graphic descriptions of his heterosexuality to prove that he's not gay. Uh-huh. He didn't do that this time, but he did react to Porsha's comments in the Bravo clip, according to the AJC.

I'm very ashamed of my wife for saying something that she knows is not true at all. The rumors have never been true. I'm not gay. It is sad that she would target the homosexual community which often times lacks support to begin with. It is very disappointing that she will do anything and say anything for a minute of so-called fame. She can have that life, I just want to continue to be the best single dad and father that I can for my son.

It's not like RHOA hasn't taken us to this place before. Last season, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey dished about Kenya's boyfriend Walter Jackson. When he wasn't sexing her up to her liking, she implied that he's gay. Of course.

It's another gay sidebar in a show that embraces the gays as much as it peddles in homophobic stereotypes. Reality TV at its best. And worst.