When the dancing queens want to make a weekend of it, look out. The gay heyday of circuit parties was alive again when the annual Peach Party started with legendary DJ Tony Moran at the helm.

Heretic became the first venue to open wide and be entered with Peach Party Weekend magic on Friday. The fun had just begun as multiple DJs at several clubs descended on the gAy-TL for three days of non-stop parties. Moran was ready to do his part, he told us before the event.

"You boys certainly are not lacking in the creativity department and I will be there with music and fresh excitement," he said.

As promised and as evidenced in our photos, Moran brought it. The hunky and bearded joined the smooth and tank topped, as well as everyone in between, to groove to Moran’s set. The whole shebang was punctuated by ubiquitous gay shirtlessness and both indoor and outdoor imbibing.

Photos by Russ Youngblood