Imagine that you’re tooling along in your car heading to work and wham—you’re stuck in a fender bender. Sticking with the scenario, imagine still that when the people in the other vehicle step out to asses the damage, they are three hunky professional athletes. Ah, yes. The dream of many a gay sports fan.

It’s also what happened to one (un)lucky driver on Thursday. After a collision, out stepped a trio of Atlanta Falcons—Matt Ryan (left), Brian Finneran and D.J. Shockley. It seem they were driving to practice for a walk-through before the team’s final preseason match against Baltimore. No one was hurt, though Arthur Blank and other front office staff at Falcons HQ did suffer from elevated heart beats and puckered butts when they first heard Ryan—the face of the franchise who earlier this year signed a 6-year, $72-million contract—was in a car crash.

Do you think Blank even asked about the other passengers?