J.P. Paquette topped three other men to take the crown (and leather sash) to become Mr. Atlanta Eagle on Saturday during an evening of cosplay, role play and leather fun.

Paquette took the honor as part of the event held each year during Atlanta Leather Pride. A packed weekend of bootblacking, barbecue and dancing also celebrated the 27th anniversary of the Eagle.

Paquette (top image left) replaced Tank Teachworth, who took over from Jeff Donaldson, who won after Wayne Turpin, who took the title from Chandler Bearden, who was crowned in 2010. Alan Penrod won a revitalized Mr. Atlanta Eagle contest in 2009. What's it mean to win the title? Past winners reflected on their reigns ahead of Saturday's event.

The evening also raised $4,000 for the Leather Heart Foundation. The non-profit provides emergency financial assistance to people in the leather and fetish communities.

No contestants came forward, so the event took a pass on crowning a new Ms. Atlanta Eagle to replace Lizzy Fountain, who won in 2013.