Atlanta drag queens square off at Dragnificent auditions

The queens came out to Heretic for auditions, the results are in and the largest cast ever for Dragnificent has been announced.

Auditions for the popular summer drag competition were held on June 25. Judges Phoenix, Brigitte Bidet and Trinity Kardashian Bonet were tasked with making the tough choices. Celeste Holmes served as emcee of the event. 

Phoenix announced the cast on Facebook on Sunday, and they are: Chelsea Daggers, Malachi, Edna Allan Hoe, K’hia Campbell, Demi Valentine, Qween Farrazz, Ivana Piranha, Syraja Sinclair Dupree, Aerial Paris, Van Micheals, Drew Friday, Romalus, Lady Gray and Ivy Fisher. 

The new season of Dragnificent starts July 9 at Heretic to see who succeeds last year’s winner Orchid. 

Photos by Russ Youngblood