In case they weren't clear, the Atlanta City Council on Monday made sure "gender identity" is expressly included in city codes impacted by a nearly 13-year-old non-discrimination ordinance. If only it would protect Midtown's gangs of trans prostitutes from Peggy Denby and her bullies.

The council approved the ordinance -- sponsored by gay City Council member Alex Wan (photo) with co-sponsors Kwanza Hall, H. Lamar Willis, Michael Bond and Carla Smith -- to assure "gender identity" is included in all code sections that reference non-discrimination and a list of protected categories.

"It was brought to my attention that while 'gender identity' is included in many of the city ordinances, there are sections of the code that needed to be updated to make sure that its inclusion was consistent throughout," Wan told Project Q.

Wan added, in a press release issued by the City Council, that although the measure has a practical impact, it also holds symbolic importance.

“The city of Atlanta has a rich history of civil rights and is rightfully considered one of the most progressive cities in the country regarding its policies that ensure equal protection for all of its citizens,” Wan said. “The majority of the city’s non-discrimination and human rights ordinances have been previously amended to specify gender identity as one of the bases upon which the city will not tolerate discrimination. It was important that we amend all related-ordinances to include the phrase “gender identity” to ensure the non-discrimination policy is reflected in a consistent manner.”

About a dozen local governments across Georgia include sexual orientation in non-discrimination ordinances. But just a few, including Atlanta and East Point, also include gender identity. Atlanta approved is non-discrimination policy in 2000, according to the GA Voice. It prohibits discrimination based on race, color, creed, religion, sex, domestic relationship status, parental status, familial status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, national origin, gender identity, racial profiling, age or disability.

In December, Wan sponsored a measure approved by the City Council supporting gay marriage. A week later, Mayor Kasim Reed backed same-sex unions.