Asia O’Hara brings ‘Drag Race’ realness to Heretic

'RuPaul’s Drag Race' queen Asia O’Hara made dollars fly on Saturday night when Wussy’s h2(H)oe summer-themed swimsuit party splashed down at Heretic.

“Anytime I get to be around people that appreciate what we’re doing on the show, it’s always positive,” O'Hara told Q last week. The Season 10 Dallas native proved it with a high-energy Atlanta visit. Now let's see if she advances further after locking in a spot in the top five.

Hosts Taylor Alxndr, Alex Suarez, Lisa Couchlocker, Video Tronic and Nick Knighten kept things moving, while “lifeguards on duty” Brigitte Bidet, Colana Bleu and Taejah L. Thomas wowed the crowd with their own moves and fierce style. DJ Headmaster was on the decks to provide the soundtrack for one wild night.

Photos by Russ Youngblood