Atlanta art queers and spring awakenings in your new Q

Don’t look now, but there’s a big yellow fireball in the sky over queer Atlanta. Yes, I'm hokey, but don’t miss me with your own cheesy exaltations in recognition of spring. This week’s Q magazine knows we're not alone in a budding enthusiasm for all things fresh, light and outdoorsy.

An overflowing number of queer events was our first clue that the season is turning. It continues this week in our Queer Agenda calendar and an up-sized Q Shots section of smiles from across the LGBTQ-ATL.

To celebrate, let’s go #daydrinking. We take you through a full day of weekend pub crawling done right and recommend queer and queer-friendly patio places to tag your pics along the way. Or maybe you want to drink at home. 10 Spring Drinks offer recipes with a queer twist that drop a flavor bomb on your own backyard.

Nowhere is our excitement for blossoming Atlanta queerdom bigger than in our cover spread for the Spectra Queer Art Showcase. Photographer and artist Cameron Lee and his promo-genius other half Rigel Gemini make a huge splash with this event on Friday. Take a tour of their art and their efforts, and see why all signs point to it being The Event of the Year So Far.

Speaking of queers budding in Atlanta, Instacouple Rick and Griff Twombley-King are making your thirst their business in Cashing In, and readers are falling for and/or sleeping with their best friends in The Q advice column. In Voices, counselor Alexandra Tyler talks relationships and offers help for folks who put other people’s feelings over their own.

Enjoy the offerings, and reach out to me at [email protected], or via our Contact Us page. I’ll be here working away on the next issue and welcome your feedback and ideas. Pick us up each week, and visit us at Project Q Atlanta for fresh daily content.

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