Southern queer drag mixed with local artists and edgy performances on Saturday as the artist collective Legendary Children turned up Atlanta's summer heat.

The show plus dance party with DJ Vicki Powell took over the Mammal Gallery in downtown for an evening that offered mixed media by a collection of queer artists and drag queens Brigitte Bidet, Edie Cheezburger, Ellisorous Rex, Jai'Ne Van Michaels, Kryean Kally, Lavonia Elberton, Mo'Dest Volgare and Violet Chachki (top image).

Organizers promised a layered show of complexity and delivered the "big 'fuck you ... sorry not sorry,'" that Legendary Children co-founder Jon Dean hoped to when he chatted with Project Q last week.

“We all have our different takes on the theme and that will hopefully add more layers to the show itself,” Dean said. “Personally, I think of frustration – sexual or otherwise. The queer experience can often be very maddening. There are still those that would call our images from the first show ‘pornographic.’ When people are constantly trying to silence your creativity, you get a little heated. And I hope they’ll see this show as a big ‘fuck you… sorry not sorry.’”

Saturday's show followed the group's buzzworthy debut last September.