imageWho knew, Judy Manning? The state lawmaker from Marietta, scared of the gays who marry and the Mormons who allow it, likes her golden showers. The sleazy kind. Dirty lady.

In January, Manning hit our radar as one of the State Capitol’s anti-gay haters when she stepped on the Newt for President Express and said this about Mitt Romney:

“When he was the governor of Massachusetts he performed 100 — and I’m not sure this number is right, but my mind says it’s about 180 gay marriages — and now, when he is running as president on the Republican ticket, he says that marriage is between a man and a woman,” Manning said.

That bit of hate spewing earned her inclusion in Creative Loafing’s 23rd Annual Golden Sleaze Awards. They honored Manning with their Allergic to Microphones Award:

When the Marietta Daily Journal queried state lawmakers in January about their GOP presidential picks, Manning dug deep inside herself and delivered the stupid. After chiding the media for fixating on candidates’ personal lives, the Cobb County Republican, who miraculously has served her district for more than 15 years, said she’s “afraid” of Mitt Romney’s “Mormon faith.” “It’s better than a Muslim,” she added. Manning, a Newt Gingrich supporter, went on to accuse Romney of performing — she wasn’t sure about the number — approximately 180 gay marriages while he was governor of Massachusetts. (He didn’t.) National media quickly picked up the story, leading Manning to post on Facebook: “A seasoned [reporter] manipulated my comparison using verbal judo and made my choice for a Republican Presidential candidate appear to be motivated by religion. NOT SO!” Mormons received an apology from Manning. Muslims did not.

We offer two honorable mentions for a sleazy golden shower: Georgia’s Hater-in-Chief Tanya Ditty and Sue Ella Deadwyler.